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Latin and Greek Root Word Videos

These days, students have a wide variety of ways in which to learn. Root words are definitely a subject that students should study in school. Each root word can lead to an understanding of many vocabulary words. The Latin and Greek root word videos incorporate many of these methods. Each one is between two to three minutes in length.

If you are interested in some worksheets to go with the root word videos, you can find them here.

Latin and Greek Root Word Videos

Most words in English can trace their origins to Latin and Greek root words. A root is a word or word part from which words are made, usually through the addition of prefixes and suffixes. For example, “bio” is a root meaning “life” and “graph” is a root meaning “writing” which when put together make “biography” meaning writing about a life. When you understand the meaning of the root words, it can help you determine the meanings of new words that you encounter. You will need to be careful because some root words are similar and not every word that looks similar shares a root word meaning.

The students will see the meaning of dozens of roots in the Latin and Greek root word videos. After breaking down example words, a sentence and image are presented for each word. How the videos are used is up to the teacher, but I would suggest using Kahoot! or Edpuzzle as two examples. Both allow the students to watch the video and then answer questions as a way of determining if the students understand the meanings of the words.

Latin and Greek Root Word PDFs

A Latin and Greek root words PDF file has been included which can be printed for the students to use as a resource. Also included is a blank copy which the students can complete. More worksheets will be added at a later date which will be able to be used with the Latin and Greek root word videos. Additional worksheets will be created for prefixes and suffixes. Please check back later to check for these and other updates.


If you are interested in using Latin quotes as writing prompts, you can find them here. Almost anything can become a writing prompt for a teacher. For example, if you would like to combine history and writing, these Latin quotes might be a good link between the two areas. The students can write about what these Latin quotes mean to them and if they agree with them. The prompts are aligned with Common Core standards and ask the students to use higher order critical thinking skills.

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If you would like more information about root words, Membean is an interesting website to check out.

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