Innovative Literacy - Creative Education with Common Core Creative Writing Prompts

Common Core Creative Writing Prompts

Almost anything can become a creative writing prompt for a teacher to use with their students. I prefer to include images with my writing prompts. When combined with an image, these common core creative writing prompts can generate interest and engagement. There are just a few examples for students to use as inspiration for their writing. Each of these prompts is aligned with Common Core standards and ask the students to use higher order critical thinking skills.

Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details and well-structured event sequences.

Photoshopped Hybrid Animals as Creative Writing Prompts

I also like to use photoshopped hybrid animals from the internet because they are interesting to my students. These can be used a variety of ways. For example, a science teacher can combine writing and science by having the students write about the ecosphere where the animal might live. The teacher can also ask the students to try to determine what type of food the animal eats and what type or predators it might need to fear.

The students can pretend they discovered the animal and make a hypothesis based on their observation of what the hybrid animal looks like. They could even use the Latin and Greek root words to give the new hybrid animal an official name.

Preparing Students for Writing a Novel

These prompts can be used as practice for writing their novel. In fact, many of these prompts could easily be developed into a book should a student decide to create a novel on their own without using the Magic Mirror prompts.

Whatever the reason, I am sure you will find these Common Core creative writing prompts to be useful. Hopefully, your students will enjoy them as much as mine.