Video of students which can be used as inspiration for the magic mirror novel writing prompts - Classroom Superheroes

Classroom heroes Video

If you do clubs at your school, you might want to try Classroom Heroes. It is a project which emphasizes art but also utilizes reading and writing with one of the end products being a video where the students are superheroes.  The project culminates with the students wearing a shirt with their emblem while they are given a superpower in an iMovie video.

Classroom Superhero Activities

The first activity would be to watch a video in which they would choose a superpower for their hero. They would then write a paragraph explaining why they choose that power and what they would do with that power if they really possessed it. This could even tie into the Magic Mirror writing prompts with the students using themselves on the cover of their novelette.

There are a variety of other activities the teacher can lead the students through using this project as well. For example, the teacher can show how different cultures perceive each color. Some colors are taboo for certain items in culture but not in others. After reading about what each color represents in our culture as well as others, the students would decide which colors represented their superhero persona.

Comic Books and Classroom heroes

The teacher can bring comic books for the students to read if they finish early. These comic books, as well as images of superheroes, could also be used to demonstrate that heroes generally wear primary colors. One example is Red and Blue with Captain America. Villains often wear secondary colors, such as the Green Goblin. Antiheroes, or vigilantes such as Hulk and Green Arrow, might also wear these secondary colors. They can consider these facts when creating a logo, or emblem, for their superhero.

My Experiences With Classroom heroes

I printed the student’s designs on iron-on sheets to place on a tee-shirt of the color the students had chosen for their hero. I then videoed the students in their costumes with the iPad app Super Power FX – Superheroes to make them appear to be true classroom heroes. The teacher could then use these clips with the iMovie trailer creator for the finishing touch to the project.


I am not associated with the superhero app in any way. If you do follow the link I get nothing from it. In fact, if you are a tech-savvy teacher, please let me know if there is a cheaper or better way to give students superpowers.

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Superhero and Villain Color Meanings for Classroom Heroes Project
Superhero and Villain Color Meanings for Classroom Superheroes Project

Superhero and Villain Color Meanings