Teaching with Hybrids

Teaching With Hybrids

Teaching WIth Hybrids People have told stories of hybrid animals for thousands of years. Consider the ancient Egyptians. Ra, Set, and the other gods had the bodies of a human but the head of an animal. In ancient Greece, there were numerous hybrid animals. Pegasi, centaurs, and gorgons are but a few examples. Almost every…

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Book writing prompts - Teach students to write a book with sixty writing prompts

Write a Book With Prompts

Teach Students With Book Writing Prompts There are many challenges when you teach students with book writing prompts. Both the teacher and students have to be committed to completing the book. Be sure that both you and your students are prepared to face the challenges of writing a book with prompts. If you are prepared…

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Innovative Literacy - Creative Education with Common Core Creative Writing Prompts

Common Core Writing Prompts

Common Core Creative Writing Prompts Almost anything can become a creative writing prompt for a teacher to use with their students. I prefer to include images with my writing prompts. When combined with an image, these common core creative writing prompts can generate interest and engagement. There are just a few examples for students to…

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