Create great sentences in stories by adding variety and details

Great Sentences in Stories

Great Sentences in Stories While you might not be an author, you are a writer, no matter what you might think. That doesn’t mean you are a great writer, however. The following are a few guidelines that are necessary to create great sentences in stories. Let’s skip the basics, such as including periods and capital…

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Innovative Literacy - Creative Education with Common Core Creative Writing Prompts

Common Core Writing Prompts

Common Core Creative Writing Prompts Almost anything can become a creative writing prompt for a teacher to use with their students. I prefer to include images with my writing prompts. When combined with an image, these common core creative writing prompts can generate interest and engagement. There are just a few examples for students to…

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English Is Strange

English is Strange

English is Strange – Top 10 Videos English is strange. There is no question about that. English has appropriated words from almost every major language. Our language has changed dramatically over the years. If you are interested in learning the English language using ten sentences, check out the Top 10 English Facts Videos. I am sure…

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